Forestry Investment

Why invest in Forestry?

  • Forestry investment attracts strong tax free returns with low risk. Costs incurred in the establishment of your plantation are covered by the grant scheme aid.
  • Ireland’s mild climate and consistent rainfall, creates one of the best environments in the world for forestry growth.
  • Forests keep growing — and potentially increasing their value — even when inflation surges or the market fluctuates.
  • Full investor control.
  • Future prospects are good, as sustainable timber products are highly valued in biobased societies fighting fuel and gas rate increases.

    Why The Forestry Company?

  • At TFC we have highly experienced sales consultants on hand to source suitable land for afforestation in line with your budget.
  • We will plant and manage your forest to ensure it reaches its full potential, yielding maximum results – consistently.
  • Forestry investment gives you tax free returns with limited costs, investing in land for forestry purposes makes perfect sense in Ireland.
  • The semi-mature plantation market is constantly growing. Our portfolio includes consulting on the purchase or sale of an existing plantation.