The Forestry Company (TFC) was established in 2009 and has fast become one of the largest timberland management companies in Ireland.  Our qualified foresters, forestry advisors and sales advisors have over 30 years’ experience ensuring maximum returns on your investment.











Our Head Office is located in Cork, but TFC operates nationwide. Our forestry advisors are based throughout Ireland, many of whom are farmers with a full understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist in farming today. 

  1. We manage Forestry for private & corporate clients
  2. We have foresters with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. We offer fantastic rates if you are looking to thin or clear fell your forest.
  3. We know the best trees to plant on your land.  We plant and manage your forest to make sure that it reaches its full potential.
  4. There is also a growing market in semi-mature plantations. Call us if you wish to discuss the purchase or sale of an existing plantation. 
  5. We source suitable land for afforestation in line with your budget and requirements to ensure optimum returns.
  6. We have the expertise to offer advice on the full spectrum of forestry services from planting a new forest on your existing land, managing an existing plantation, forest road construction, harvesting or investing in land with a view to planting forestry.




Ireland’s mild climate and consistent rainfall, creates one of the best environments in the world for forestry growth

Forestry investment attracts tax free returns for 15 years. As your plantation grows, so does your asset. A reliable investment

Costs incurred in the establishment of your plantation are covered by the grant scheme aid (subject to site conditions)

Trees play a vital role in absorbing and retaining CO2 and releasing oxygen. Farm forests offer unique habitats for wild plants and animals.

Whether you are an existing land owner, or looking to invest in land –
forestry just makes perfect sense!





I planted my land in 2013 with The Forestry Company and I can honestly say I have never looked back. They took care of all of the paperwork for me and ensured that all works on my land were carried out in a professional and timely manner. I felt that The Forestry Company had my best interests in mind when advising me in relation to the species I should plant and he always kept me informed during every step of the process. The crop is now thriving thanks to The Forestry Company and their crew of experienced contractors who have carried out all maintenance works at an early stage each growing season to ensure that the trees are free from competition. I look forward to dealing with The Forestry Company again in the future and would happily recommend them to anyone who is interested in planting some land.


After speaking to a number of forestry companies, in 2014 I decided to plant my land with The Forestry Company because I felt that they were the most informative and spent the time to ensure that I understood all the aspects of the afforestation scheme. Myles O’Malley carried out the work for me. I have never worried about the management of my crop as I know that the lads keep a close eye on it and ensure that all work is carried out when it is required or even before it is required! I can honestly say that the works were carried out using the best materials for both fencing and planting operations and no cost has been spared to ensure that the plantation is safe and in good health.


When I first made the decision to plant some land in about 1997, I contacted Conor Daly. He planted 45 acres of sitka spruce with some ash for me. I was amazed at how easy the process was. Conor completed all of the paperwork, dealt with the Forest Service and looked after the whole job. In a few years this plantation will be ready for thinning. Conor has already started applying for a thinning grant for the ash, a Forest Road Grant and my Felling Licence. Conor also gave me advice in relation to my plantation and what should be thinned. I have been delighted with the excellent service provided by Conor and all of the team at The Forestry Company. When I am dealing with The Forestry Company, I know that my land is in good hands.


We have been working with The Forestry Company since 2020. They are an extremely important partner in our business. Donal, Michael and Eimear have been fantastic to work with, from sourcing suitable land for us to purchase for establishing new native forests, to helping us with paperwork, to carrying out the planting on our behalf. Having a forestry management company that offers the full service, from sourcing land, to ensuring our forestry premiums are paid allows us to focus on the other aspects of running our organisation – all while seeing new native forests established and native trees planted.