plant a forestThe stock market may take a dive but trees keep on growing!

Due to Ireland’s mild climate and frequent rain fall, it is seen as one of the best environments in the world for forestry growth.

As Forestry investment gives you tax free returns and all costs incurred are covered by the grant scheme, investing in land for forestry purposes makes perfect sense in this country.

At The Forestry Company we source suitable land for afforestation in line with your budget and needs to ensure you receive the optimum return. We will then plant and manage your forest to make sure that it reaches its full potential.

There is a growing market in semi-mature plantations and we are happy to talk to you if you wish to discuss the purchase or sale of an existing plantation.

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14 hectare low lying grass rush land, Sitka Spruce Y.C. 24, 10% diverse species and 10% broadleaves included

Returns Year 0 to 37 € per ha
Year 0 to year 15: Annual Premium @ €510/ ha €7650
Year 15 1st thin 32m³ timber @ €8 / m³ €256
Year 20 2nd thin 61.5m³ timber @ €12 / m³ €738
Year 25 3rd thin 61.5m³ timber @ €40 / m³ €2460
Year 30 4th thin 61.5m³ timber @ €43 / m³ €2644
Year 35 5th thin 61.5m³ timber @ €47 / m³ €2890
Year 37 Clearfell : 364m³ timber @ €51 / m³ €18564
Total €35202