forestry harvestingIn order to maximize the return from your plantation, the forest is usually thinned after about 15 years with further harvesting on a 5 year cycle. We specialise in this aspect of forestry, and our professional foresters will ensure that your interests, as the landowner, are protected. The right trees are taken out at the right time!

This will allow you, the forest owner, to get a return from your forest, while increasing its future value. To ensure that the final crop reaches its full potential, it is vital that the forest is thinned correctly during its lifetime. Giving space to the final crop trees allows them to increase in size, giving a high percentage of valuable saw log at felling stage.

At The Forestry Company we understand that timber is a valuable commodity; through our long standing relationships with local sawmills we will ensure the best possible price for your wood.

If you have any questions about an existing forest on your land please do not hesitate to contact the office on 021-432 2870 or your local forester.

Low lying grass rush land, Sitka spruce Y.C. 24, 10% diverse species included

Returns Year 0 to 37 € per ha
Year 0 to year 15: Annual Premium @ €510 / ha €7650
Year 15 1st thin 32m³ timber @ €8 / m³ €256
Year 20 2nd thin 61.5m³ timber @ €12 / m³ €738
Year 25 3rd thin 61.5m³ timber @ €40 / m³ €2460
Year 30 4th thin 61.5m³ timber @ €43 / m³ €2644
Year 35 5th thin 61.5m³ timber @ €47 / m³ €2890
Year 37 Clearfell : 364m³ timber @ €51 / m³ €18564
Total €35202

*The above table is taken from The ACA Farmers’ Handbook 2017.
*Note: prices relate to standing timber.