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planting forestry irelandwe know treesWe know trees. We know the best tree to plant in the best location to ensure the highest yield possible from your crop. Your local forester will manage every step of the forestry planting process giving you complete piece of mind.

Every site is different and our first step is always to visit your site to ensure we choose the right species for your land, giving you the best return over the life of your forest. We will then apply to the Forest Service for planting approval on your behalf and manage this application process from start to finish.

Should you decide to proceed and plant your land, we will carry this out for you. We will ensure that all works are carried out to the highest standards, ensuring that you get a healthy, valuable forest.

Grant/Premium Category(GPC) Annual Premium per ha. Annual Premium per acre
GPC1 Unenclosed €185 €75
GPC3 Sitka spruce/ 10% Diverse €510 €206
GPC4 Diverse Conifer €560 €227
GPC5 Broadleaf €575 €233
GPC6 Oak/Beech €615 €249
GPC7 Beech €615 €249
GPC8 Alder €575 €233

This premium is paid annually for 15 years to farmers, non farmers and retired farmers. The information is correct as of January 2015.